Paula McChesney talks Passion, February 15, 2014

Local author and radio co-host, Paula McChesney is all about using intention to empower enliven and design a living space.  She talks about interior decorating, debunks myths about it and shares practical solutions to overwhelm and stress.  Her book, titled "Passion by Design" and radio show by the same name are tributes to beauty and personal power. 

Tune in to her radio show airing Sundays, 5 p.m. on 540AM KRXA and live-streaming on Tunein or radiomonterey.com.


Chrisann Brennan, author of “The Bite in the Apple” Jan 18, 2014 on Simple Life Radio

Beyond the spotlight of success and power, the was a young and idealistic young man by the name of Steve Jobs. Exploring the little known truth of the the early years, Chrisann Brennan, author of "The Bite in the Apple" will share stories of her life and co-parenting with Steve. What are the costs and who pays the price for huge success? Local Chrisann Brennan will share candidly about sharing life with this and more.


Chad Freeman on Simple Life May 3, 2013

Our guest today is Chad Freeman.  Chad is brilliant, charming and lives from the heart.  He shares some of his background, dreams and accomplishments.  He is very active in local programs for benefiting youth. He is a fabulous graphic designer and has been very helpful to us at Pilgrim's Way Community Bookstore & Secret Garden.

I hope you will enjoy this interview, I know I did.


Dan Millman, on Simple Life Nov 9, 2013

One of my all time favorite authors, Dan Millman; is our guest today on Simple Life Radio broadcasting on 540AM or livestreaming at MontereyRadio.com.  Dan shares stories of personal experience about writing his latest book, "The Creative Compass; writing your way from inspiration to publication" which he and his daughter Sierra Prasada wrote together.

This book is actually applicable to any creative endeavor.  Give a listen.


Michael Calabrese on Simple Life, Nov. 2, 2013

Our guest today, Michael Calabrese; is returning to share more about his simple life.  We talk about great food, shelter, water, and of course a few recipes too!  We celebrate our local organic food and Farmer's Market.

An easy and comfortable format, like a neighborly conversation at the coffee table.

Michael is a great hair stylist too.  Find him at Salon Park Avenue (831-375-2366) in Monterey.


Michael Calabrese on Simple Life Radio Sept 28, 2013

Michael Calabrese of Salon Park Avenue, is not just a great hair stylist, (and that he is).  He is also a successful urban farmer!  Living in Carmel Valley, much like he grew up, growing food and living close to the land. Michael tells stories about how old Monterey was, how life is for him working less than 4 days per week, and living off the harvest that he grows in his yard.  He still makes time to travel. He has many friends and relatives that share in his farming ventures and knows how to build community around him.  He shares some favorite recipes that will make your mouth water.

Winter garden, chickens, bees, horses and don't forget canning!  Listen in and see if you don't feel inspired to grow at home!

Salon Park Avenue, Monterey, California - for the best haircut ever!


David Martin on Simple Life Radio 101213

Contributing author to "Contagious Optimism" David Martin is certainly an up-beat guy!  He is also a CEO of INDX Strategies Wealth Management and also founder of Marin the Hiking Club.  That is an indicator about David's balance, his passion keeps him vibrant in a life he dearly appreciates.  His optimism permeates all aspects of life and he doesn't have his head in the sand.  Engaging, introspective and just plain fun.


Out-of-Town Guests

There are some issues that know no bounds.  In the socioeconomic climate today, we see a familiar pattern around the globe.  Today's show shares that more expanded perspective in a very diverse, creative and fun way! 

- Elizabeth Bathora shares a perspective from Vedic Astrology on the government shutdown and more.

- Tim Minchin shares 9 life's lessons in a style all of his own.

- Four strangers encounter the scientific measurement of happiness.


Ms. Isabella Ball & Shary Farr

Ms Isabella Ball shares thoughts about summer fun and two book reviews she chose: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott and The Warriors by Erin Hunter. 

Our other guest Shary Farr, of Partners for Transitions, speaks about her passion to assist those with terminal illness, to let their voice be heard as to what their preferences for end of life.  Anything from which exact medical facility they want to be cared for by to how the family might treat the nursing staff.  Shary has been working to facilitate the empowerment on personal end of life details, for almost 40 years now and shares stories of her experiences and how this passion first began.

Both guests offer an educational, amusing and insightful show!

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