Ms. Isabella Ball & Shary Farr

Ms Isabella Ball shares thoughts about summer fun and two book reviews she chose: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott and The Warriors by Erin Hunter. 

Our other guest Shary Farr, of Partners for Transitions, speaks about her passion to assist those with terminal illness, to let their voice be heard as to what their preferences for end of life.  Anything from which exact medical facility they want to be cared for by to how the family might treat the nursing staff.  Shary has been working to facilitate the empowerment on personal end of life details, for almost 40 years now and shares stories of her experiences and how this passion first began.

Both guests offer an educational, amusing and insightful show!


Kathryn Gualtieri on Simple Life 08/17/13

Kathryn is a local journalist turned mystery writer, now for the third time!  Her passion for history coupled with her first hand knowledge of the Monterey Peninsula, weaves an interesting, educational and page turning novel.  Beginning with "Murder in the Pines", followed by "Murder takes the stage" and just released "The Laundryman;s Daughter".  She talks about her early days reporting in the Carmel Pine Cone newspaper and how her passion for history began, as well as some of the real stories that found their way into her novels. 

If you are someone interested in local history, mystery novels, or writing; you'll really enjoy this interview!


Joann Marie Donahoe, DVM on Simple Life 080313

Joann Marie Donahoe is a local Vet who make house calls, shares about what "Animal Parenting" as she wrote the book on it!  Much like human family dynamics, when pets ar part of the family they will adapt to the existing dynamics; and mirror what patterns we have put in place.  Joann talks about experiences with extreme cases that very quickly turn around. Full of passion for our four-legged companions, Joann is candid, authentic and entertaining as well as informative.

Her website: www.animalparenting.com

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